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IMG_6186-1IMG_6193-2IMG_6201-3IMG_6204-4webIMG_6205-5IMG_62061-6webIMG_6207-7webIMG_6181-8webIMG_6203-9New projects, new things, new me. In the last couple of weeks Khaled, my better half, and myself have been working on our upcoming projects for Art Youth Society.

AYS is a creative collective, born and bred on the daily inspiration one finds in the city that never sleeps, New York.  Our vision is to bring together various artists with vast mediums to one arena where each may use their unique perspective to create new ideas and forms of expression.

My passion lies in designing jewelry, a truly wearable art-form, but also to support and help grow the industry with people I believe in. I was always attracted to creative fields, and now is the time when AYS is becoming what it always was supposed to be, a platform for creatives from all over the world.

I am wearing the Wide Flared Studio Trousers in black from Zara and and a slightly cropped top from Club Monaco. I love the wide flare, it is the perfect way to look casual but still interesting, not to mention flares elongate and flatter all shapes! I chose the flattened, loose top because it gives the look a more casual, Bohemian vibe. I love an office chic look, but my everyday is not so structured so I typically mix fabrics and pair unexpected combinations of classy and casual to keep me comfortable, but still with a style all my own. This look also easily transitions from day to night by wearing sneakers or flats for day, and changing into heels at night – just make sure your purse matches your shoes!

I really like the look of layered necklaces and stacked rings. I am wearing rose gold, because that is my favorite color of gold. I love to mix my gold with leather necklaces with different lengths. The body chain gives my outfit a sexy look 😉 All my jewelry is from Art Youth Society.

Photos by Samiragrafie

Top: Club Monaco | Wide Flared Trousers: Zara | Jewelry: Art Youth Society

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