Sky Blue, Rose Gold and Long Sleeves


ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_02 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_03 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_04 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_05 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_06 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_07 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_08 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_09 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_10 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_11 ays_yuva_art_youth_society_chanel_12

Photos by Khaled Sufi

Jumpsuit Dress: Zara | Shoes: Nike | Gold Jewellery: Art Youth Society  | Sunglasses: House Of Holland | Bag: Chanel

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